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MOXiI - 2nd Edition - Table of Contents (Part II - Kernel Mode)

Expected: June 2016

Volume I expected by Apr 2016 View TOC here

N.B If you're ordered this from Amazon: Mac OS X and iOS Internals: To the Apple's Core, Volume 1 User Mode (Wrox Programmer to Programmer) then cancel your order. Wiley isn't publishing either volume..

summary: 5 new chapters, 1 removed chapter, plenty of in-chapter updates, esp. ARM/ARM64 (iOS)

Alone in the Dark: The Boot ProcessBoot, Panic, and Shutdown

Moved from Volume I

Chapter 8: From the Cradle to the Grave - Kernel Boot and Panics

Chapter 9: Some Assembly Required: Kernel Architectures

Chapter 18: Modu(lu)s Operandi - Kernel Extensions

Mach IPC: The internal view

Delves deeper into Mach Messages, after concepts and APIs have already been explored in Volume I
  • New Chapter: Behind the Scenes of Message Passing
    • splay trees
    • The kernel implementation of ports
    • The mach_port MIG functions, in depth
    • mach_port_kobject
    • Experiment: tracing Mach messages
    • Experiment: Mapping ports
  • New Chapter: Apple's Machinations

    Apple's additions to the venerable Mach APIs
  • Mach Vouchers (10.9/7)
  • Banks and ATMs (10.10/8)
  • Coalitions
  • Chapter 11: Tempus Fugit - Mach Scheduling

    Chapter 12: Commit to Memory - Mach Virtual Memory

    Chapter 13: BS"D - The BSD Layer

    Chapter 14: Something Old, Something New: Advanced BSD Aspects

    Chapter 15: Fee, FI-FO, File – File Systems and the VFS

    Chapter 16: To B(-Tree) or not to Be: HFS+

  • VFS and Kernel Integration
  • Summary
  • References and Further Reading
  • Chapter 17: Adhere to Protocol: The Networking Stack

    Chapter 19: Driving Force - I/O Kit

    New Chapter: Input devices

    New Chapter: Power Management

    New Chapter: The Graphics Architecture

  • Anybody interested in the audio architecture as well?
  • New Chapter: IONetworking

    Appendix A: Beat the System

    Appendix B: Welcome to the Machine