Important question - Hardcover format

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Would you prefer...

... A ring binder and three paper "packages" you could insert to recreate the three volumes in color and glossy paper. The packages would include the original book cover of each volume as a separator, and have a special cover on the binder itself
... A three book set, same glossy paper and color, but as individual hardcovers
... not to buy a hardcover edition. Current B&W is just fine for me.
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Important question - Hardcover format

Postby morpheus » Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:56 am

As Volume II is shaping up and both I and III maturing, it's time to think about the promised hardcover format. Following a question by GeoSn0w, some clarifications and a question to you:

Each book's page count is around or over 500 pages. This means the combined book will be 1500 pages. That alone weights 3.5 kgs (last I checked), and I haven't factored the hardcover. And that's assuming the lightest paper I could find - the hardcover will also be colorful, so I'm guessing the paper could be 25% or more heavier - bring us to 4.5kg of paper, and with the cover itself (remember, hard = heavy) almost 5 kilograms! That's over 10 pounds, people!

So - There's no way I can put everything into one volume, UNLESS I do a three ring binder format. I kind of like the idea - the UNIX manuals of old, when in paper, were also binders. And this does have the option of adding pages to it. So the question for you is (and thank you for letting me know!)
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Re: Important question - Hardcover format

Postby hed » Mon Jul 15, 2019 5:51 pm

How may I sign up for this limited edition to get one when it's released?
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Re: Important question - Hardcover format

Postby RandomDSdevel » Tue Jul 16, 2019 2:25 pm

     I'd be interested in having the combined edition come in a binder and cast my vote that way for this thread's poll, but wouldn't mind having three separate volumes, either, since you're zeroing in on making your last updates to MoXiI Ⅱ and wouldn't be able to let your readers take advantage of adding more pages later once you're no longer producing revisions.
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Re: Important question - Hardcover format

Postby gsn » Mon Jul 22, 2019 2:24 am

Its not an option in your poll, but I'd really love to see something like a a binding spine or binding comb that's (somewhat) re-closable, but sturdy. Three-hole punched is cute, yeah. But they wear out so easily. Maybe something a la ... trips.html ... B006WAXTNC

or similar?
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