procexp is unsigned, downloaded over HTTP, no SHA hashes.

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procexp is unsigned, downloaded over HTTP, no SHA hashes.

Postby floam » Wed Mar 23, 2016 12:54 pm

Please codesign procexp on OS X if you can. I trust you but it's not wise for me to run an unsigned binary from the internet, especially if it should be ran as root and there is no way for me to even know if this is the same binary you intended me to get.

Like top(1), for best results this should be setUID root, or run this as root. While running stuff as root is generally bad practice (and I have yet to codesign this..), I assure you that if you download this from it will NOT have any malware (which static analysis can confirm). At some point I'll maybe make this open source, which will simplify things.

Please get around to code signing it! Open source would be great! Short of that, you know you can't really make that promise. Even if your server is unhackable. Consider how it it is being distributed right now: there are not even any MD5 or SHA hashes of what the binary binary should be. And it's being served over HTTP!

I feel like an idiot running it. I'm breaking all my rules. :(

Thanks for the great tool! People try to improve this where you can.
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