ignoring asl rule in asl.conf

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ignoring asl rule in asl.conf

Postby adam81 » Mon Jan 25, 2016 9:41 am

Hi, I've tried to look asl documentation in the book, and in apple developer pages, but couldn't find answer to my basic requirement which is to ignore single asl rule that written in asl.conf, for only one facility.

The default configuration in asl.conf route all log message with level above notice to system log (see below rule)
This means, that all log messages under my facility will be routed to my log file only, and not to system.log.
? [<= Level notice] file system.log

in my_asl.conf i try to ignore it for com.bla.bla
? [<= Level notice] [=Facility com.bla.bla] skip / ignore
I've tried both skip and ignore, but i didn't made any change. the only thing that work is to erase the rule from asl.conf, but i don't want to change the behavior of other processes / facilities and to modify some default rules.

is there any rule i can add to ban my messages only from system.log ?

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