Something useful from jailbreakers?

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Something useful from jailbreakers?

Postby angelovAlex » Sat Jun 11, 2016 3:45 pm


I found it's imposible to get any useful information from jailbreak developers (real ones). I asked them many times to share files from real devices (like Apple Watch) or kernels from iOSs that were not publicly jailbroken. Recently, I noticed that they use kernels as a 'proof' that they has a jailbreak. But why can't they just share files and kernels? it would be very helpful for other developers.

I know Jonathan has an answer for any iOS/Mac question.
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Re: Something usefull from jailbreakers?

Postby morpheus » Sat Jun 11, 2016 7:27 pm

Jonathan (me :-) is flattered. And I do happen to have an answer to this one -

Sharing kernelcaches, once decrypted, would very likely bring upon whomever does so the wrath of Apple: They could argue that the decryption violates DMCA or whatever other law - considering they probably have more lawyers than developers - nobody wants to open that risk up. Add to that those kind hearted souls, champions of all intellectual property (unless they themselves steal it), who will rant on Twitter accusing of "piracy, piracy" and you get why discretion is the better part of valor.

Almost any public jailbreak can be converted fairly easily to a kernel dumper, if you can hook where they do the kernel patching. Pangu 9 being a notable exception, because they cache offsets instead of looking for them. If I can offer good news, I show methods to dump all 64-bit kernels from iOS 7 onwards in MOXiI's 2nd Edition (which is coming really, really soon - waiting to see what next week's iOS 10 brings). For 32-bit that's never an issue, since it's a matter of time before @Xerub and @ih8sn0w post kernelcache (and iBoot) keys.
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