Got "Waiting for link to become available" when debug kernel

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Got "Waiting for link to become available" when debug kernel

Postby chengyang » Thu Nov 24, 2016 7:17 am

I'm trying to debug with kernel debugging on 10.12.1

The target machine has been setup to wait for the debugger (lldb) to attach on boot. Connecting from the host (caling kdp-remote) works as expected. However, after connecting and setting the target to continue, I'm often (90% of the time) presented with this message on the target machine:

"Waiting for link to become available"

When this occurs, a 'link' is never made and I have to reboot the target machine.

On the odd occasion that I'm able to boot into the OS with a valid connection, the OS sometimes locks up as though it has entered an infinite loop and the debugger doesn't know any different - my kext is not being automatically loaded, so is not responsible for this.

Why is kernel debugging so bad, what's the cause of the above message and how can I ensure that kernel debugging works 100% of the time?
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