Manually restore language packs in prep for Cydia Eraser?

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Manually restore language packs in prep for Cydia Eraser?

Postby iDeviceUser » Sun Dec 18, 2016 6:51 am

I'd like to un-jailbreak my iPhone 5 (32bit) while preserving my install of iOS 8.1.1 (to then re-jailbreak; the goal being to restore the stock 8.1.1 filesystem to its original state).

I've done this once before using Cydia Eraser- worked great, no issues. The process completed in about 10 minutes and I was back on fresh 8.1.1.

Since then, however, I went on a little free-up-space rampage and deleted Siri (& all voice support), as well as almost every language pack.

So I tried to use Eraser the other day, and after about 36hrs of it running (with continuous progress), it showed no signs of finishing. I did a bit of research and discovered that others who had removed their language packs found that it took far longer to restore using Eraser; from 3-4 days to up to 1 week, according to the handful of reddit & other forum posts I found on the topic.

So my understanding is that if the hash of a given (already existing on my phone) file matches the hash of the corresponding file in the OTA update, Eraser will ignore it. So my assumption is, if I stick the language packs back in, I can reduce the time it takes to run Eraser to a fraction of the 3-7 day estimate.

I'm up to writing a bash script to automate this process, but I know that Apple software is full of "fun" surprises, so I was hoping to get some advice from some of you veterans before I go and mess around with my filesystem.

Also, thanks to those who created and who contribute to this forum; I've found it really informative and awesome. Part of me slightly regrets investing in Apple hardware on the faith that they were a "good" corporation, but now that I've paid for this iDevice, I am enjoying the process of learning how to make it work as advertised, even beyond its deadline of planned obsolescence.
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Re: Manually restore language packs in prep for Cydia Eraser

Postby Siguza » Sun Dec 18, 2016 12:33 pm

In my experience it's way too easy to mess up a bash file and have it turn into some "rm -rf /".

I'd suggest copying everything from the root partition of your device (everything but /var) over to your PC, diff'ing it against the file system of an OTA pack (if you're on OS X with XCode, you can use FileMerge for that), and manually restoring the bigger chunks of missing data. Anything that's a single file I would leave to Cydia Eraser, but if you removed, there's no point in letting it search for, compare, and redownload each and every asset file there. So basically I'd restore folders that are entirely missing, but not really anything else.
And just to have it said: whatever you do, do not touch /System/Library/Caches.

Good luck!
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