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Structure Offsets for mach_portal

PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:14 am
by OothecaPickle
How are the following offsets found:

uint64_t struct_proc_p_pid_offset;
uint64_t struct_proc_task_offset;
uint64_t struct_proc_p_uthlist_offset;
uint64_t struct_proc_p_ucred_offset;
uint64_t struct_proc_p_comm_offset;

// offsets in struct kauth_cred
uint64_t struct_kauth_cred_cr_ref_offset;

// offsets in struct uthread
uint64_t struct_uthread_uu_ucred_offset;
uint64_t struct_uthread_uu_list_offset;

// offsets in struct task
uint64_t struct_task_ref_count_offset;
uint64_t struct_task_itk_space_offset;

// offsets in struct ipc_space
uint64_t struct_ipc_space_is_table_offset;

// offsets in struct ipc_port
uint64_t struct_ipc_port_ip_kobject_offset;

Thanks in advance, Zach.