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lsock for OSX10.12

PostPosted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:53 am
by abhirs
Is there any lsock available for OSX 10.12? If so where to find it.

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  // check rc. Meh.

  if (rc > 0)
     nstat_msg_hdr *ns = (nstat_msg_hdr *) c;

  switch (ns->type)
   case 10001: case 10002: case 10003: case 10004:
        rc = process_nstat_msg(c,rc);

   case 0:
      // Got all sources, or all counts
      // if we were getting sources, ask now for all descriptions

ns->type always return 1 and I am not able to get any network data. I don't know the answer yet. Please suggest me. Thanks again for your addressing my issue.