So, about that OTA update article..

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So, about that OTA update article..

Postby JustAskin » Sun Mar 22, 2015 11:47 am

First, thanks for the great article, and the book in general.

You mention a method that could potentially update iOS manually. Apparently, this has been discussed (see ... a_updates/) and failed because of issues with the dyld_shared_cache. Could you comment or explain?

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Re: So, about that OTA update article..

Postby morpheus » Sun Mar 22, 2015 12:24 pm

What the Reddit thread says about the dyld_shared_cache is correct. But nobody said you have to update it. There are ways around that. You can have two caches side by side (complicated, but doable, at least in concept). You can extract individual dylibs from it and override the cache in certain instances (most jailbreaks already do). The dylib extraction feature in jtool almost does that already - only it also copies the full combined LINKED, which - unfortunately - is huge. Hopefully a future version of the tool will do that better (though to do so correctly I need to fix my disassembler.. it's just not there yet).

At any rate, my point is that any messing with dyld (+cache) or the kernel cache is dangerous. I'd suggest people try these manual upgrades only during windows when Apple still signs jb'able versions. be really careful. I did not imply nor am I implying it's something people should try at home, unless they don't mind risking their Jailbreak.

Thanks for the point about the article. I wasn't even aware. It makes more sense for people to ask me than debate on Reddit. :-P

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