Typos in various articles

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Typos in various articles

Postby GeoSn0w » Thu Sep 13, 2018 2:40 pm

Article: http://newosxbook.com/articles/DYLD.html

On line:

Each opcode is specified in the topmost 4-bits (e.g. BIND_OPCODE_MASK (0xF0) in . Arugments to opcodes are either the "immediate" values in the lower 4-bits (for those with _IMM), or follow the opcode byte in ULEB128 notation for integers, or a character array (SET_SYMBOL_TRAILING_FLAGS_IMM).

Should probably be "Arguments".

On line:

morpheus@Zephyr(~)$ jtool -dA __TEXT.__stub_helper ~/Documents/RE/ScreenShotr # note -dA, to disassebmle ARM, not Thumb

It should be "disassemble".


Article: http://newosxbook.com/articles/GCD.html?n

On line:

dispatch_sync[_f]: Sending a block or function (_f) to the queue specified, and blocking until exection completes. Note that this doesn't necessarily mean the block or function will be executed in the current thread context - only that the current thread will block (that is, hang) so as to synchronize execution with the block or function.`

Should be: "execution"

On line:

WQOPS_QUEUE_REQTHREADS (0x20). This code requests the kernel to run n more (possibly overcommited) requests of a given priority. The value of "n" in passed in the "affinity" argument, with the item argument (formerly used to pass the user mode address to execute for WQOPS_QUEUE_ADD) is ignored.

Should be "overcommitted"
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