A bug to diagnose...

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A bug to diagnose...

Postby blah555 » Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:05 am

Before I start with a bug that is present (you might find this interesting, J) I have a couple of questions:

J answering inline:

Is Jtool2 going to support modifying FAT binaries?

I don't see any reason to, since FAT is dead. iOS 11+ only does 64, as will MacOS 15.

And how can one utilize QiLin to respawn killed processes?

That's beyond QiLin's duties. You can do that with a launchd plist

Now that these questions are out of the way... I have an output for you to take a gander.

This output is from a TV 11.0 jailbroken with LiberTV 11.0.3, and it seems to connect via ssh (so far 70 days up and running) but the expired apps are no longer work (until rejailbroken of course).

Let me know what you think, from my point of view, it seems AMFI is being killed.

You need amfidebilitate from the revised 11.0.4 LiberTV, which detects AMFId's death and reattaches. It also fixes the 7 day issue by taking over AMFId even for valid signed (but expired) binaries

As always, thank you for for time and efforts!

Don't mention it. BTW the only reason I didnt update LiberTV for 11.2+ is because those Electra folks did their own so I figured no need.
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